It's time to take care of YOU
Challenge Starts April 15, 2024 at our Bankview Location.
Take Back Your Mental and Physical Health.  Live Stronger For Longer.
Only 20 spots for New Sign-Ups
We are going to give you the tools to change your body and your life... if you're ready
Our Challenge combines 40 Days (6 weeks) of personal training with nutritional coaching in the form of "Done-For-You", easy to follow, meal plans and recipes to get you into a healthy routine FAST.

Challengers routinely...
- gain energy 
- gain strength
- lose inches and bodyfat
- make big lifestyle changes while breaking old habits

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to try us out risk-free and experience the best of our individualized training and nutrition programs.
We're Giving You Everything You Need to Get Results!
It's All Included!
Personal Training for 6 Weeks 
Our personalized training programs are designed for your needs and led by our professional coaches.  ($600 value)
Challenge nutrition coaching including over 100+ recipes, easy meal plans, grocery lists & MORE! 
We are making it VERY SIMPLE to follow our plan, know what to eat, and see your body change.  ($250 Value)
Unmatched support and guidance
All participants will recieve their own accountability coach for support  throughout the challenge.    (Priceless)
Weigh-in's, measurements, before & after pictures, accountability check-in's, and weekly nutrition guidance
We will hold you VERY accountable to achieving your best throughout the challenge!  ($200 Value)
Kick-Off Event, Wrap-Up Event, and a $400 grand prize
Our kick-off event on Saturday, April 13th at 12pm will get you energized to make a change and we will give you the tools you need to succeed! We will wrap up the challenge with a fun event and awards ceremony where the winner receives the $400 GRAND PRIZE!

Option 1:

+ taxes if applicable
  • New Member Package
  • 3X Per Week Group Classes for 6 Weeks (18 sessions) 
    + everything listed above is included 
  • Low Impact, High Intensity Training
  • Max of 12 Participants per Class
  • Scheduling Flexibility with Morning and Evening Sessions Available

Option 2:

Regular rate -
+ taxes if applicable
  • New Member Package
  • 2X Per Week Personal Training for 6 Weeks (12 sessions)
    + everything listed above is included
  • Individual Training Programs Designed Specifically for You
  • 1 Coach to Max of 3 Participants - Lots of Individual Attention
  • Maximum Support, Guidance & Coaching

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More than just the scale...
You CAN be this person! People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels have worked with us and achieved life changing results. 
What are the important dates of the challenge?
Kick-off event: Sat, April 13th @ 12pm
You have a few days between the kickoff and when the challenge starts to grocery shop and get ready to go!
What happens if I want to keep going after the challenge?
Many of our challenge participants choose to continue training after the challenge and become full members. You'll get some exclusive challenge member only deals for our ongoing training/nutrition packages and we will help you continue right on going towards reaching all of your health and fitness goals!
What if I will be away during the challenge?
It is important that you are able to complete all of your training sessions between the 40 days from the start of the challenge. We recommend that you train at least 2X each week but we can compress some of those sessions should you be away for a few days (example 2 sessions 1 week, 3 the next). However, if you are away for multiple weeks during the challenge it may be very difficult for you to complete the requirements and see the results you desire. No sessions are held over past the end of the 40 Day Challenge, and there will be no opportunity to make-up sessions once the challenge is finished. 

It is strongly recommended that you are able to attend the Kick-Off Event to ensure you are prepared to start the challenge. 
What if I have done a Challenge before?
The packages above are special NEW MEMBER ONLY package prices. Since we have very limited spots available you must be a brand new member to claim one of these spots above. If you are a CURRENT member on one of our regular training packages you CAN absolutely participate in the challenge! You get special member price so make sure you check out the details in your email/in the studio! 
Can I do both Personal Training and Group?
Yes, we can give you an option to do so but you must sign up for the 2x/week Semi-Private Personal Training to get that option. 
What are the available times for Personal Training sessions?
Please contact us for available times.

Preferred session times are first come first serve and will be awarded in the order that you register for the challenge. Register NOW to get your preferred times! 
What if I haven't worked out in a long time? Or ever?
That is OKAY! We work with many members just like you who may be new to training or have not been doing physical activity in some time. Our individual attention and program design ensure that you are working towards YOUR goals, at YOUR own personal fitness level, and keeping you injury free while getting the motivation you need. You are never in "competition" with any other members and it is one of our top priorities to create a non-intimidating environment in our facility. 
Am I required to purchase pre-made meals, or follow a crazy restrictive diet?
Of course not. Our nutrition plans and recipes focus on whole foods, prepared at home, that are friendly for the entire family. You will be eating a good variety of foods and eating healthy portion sizes to support your increased exercise volume. No gimmicks or starvation diets here!
What if I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is this right for me?
The 40 Day Challenge is specifically geared for results. Contrary to popular belief; whether you wan't to lose weight, tone up, build lean muscle, or just live a healthy lifestyle, the underlying healthy fitness & nutrition principles that get you there are one in the same. Staying consistent on the program no matter what your starting point will get exactly the results your looking for. 
 I have other questions not answered here...
We would love to answer any other questions that you have! Please give us a call at 403-700-0338 and we would be glad to help you out!
Where are we located?
2503, 14th Street SW


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